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Could someone please help a newbie.  I set up my Multy X and was getting 35MB of wifi standing by the modem (as previously) and 35MB upstairs in the study where the second node and my PC is ... great improvement.  However, my PC is in a cupboard in the study and this greatly reduces the wifi signal it receives ... therefore, knowing this, I wired my PC to the second node in the study ... but only got 11MB.  So the node in the study is pushing out 35MB wifi, but only 11MB wired.  Surely it should be as fast when wired?  Am I missing something.  Thanks. 


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    CanaryKid Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    I have since plugged another PC into the node and got the full 35GB ... so it is my PC's ethernet that is the problem.  So please ignore the original question.

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