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Hi, I'm setting up a NAS540 with 2 x 3Tb disk in Raid 1 config. I created some users and shares ans set the permissions. But in Windows 10 I can't access any share with the users I created on the NAS.
Only when I grant the default Guest user Read or R/W permissions, I can access the shares. This happens with the default shares like photo, music,etc as well as with the new shares. Windows is asking for user credentials and after OK the popup just returns.

I can however make an ftp connection to the share with the users I created.
My computer is set up in a Home workgroup with network sharing enabled.

What is missing?



  • Ijnrsi
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    Hi @KristofV
    You should check the privilege for the default folder and user account.
    You can also check if Widnwos keeps non-privilege account with NAS540 default share.
    Refer the topic as check what account be kept in Windows:
  • KristofV
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    Hi thanks for your answer but I found the solution/reason in the mean time.
    Because I enabled read/write access to all shares for the guest account, Windows made a CIFS connection as soon as the NAS was selected in Windows Explorer. 

    I noticed the Guest CIFS connection in the NAS status center screen. At the same time the NET USE command didn`t list any connections to the NAS. So I could not clear the Guest connection. But new connections to the NAS with another user were blocked by Windows :/ , except when I used the IP address instead of the DNS name.
    So I removed the guest user access to all shares and rebooted the NAS and PC and bingo! When I browse to a folder on the NAS the first time my credentials are asked and I can login with another NAS user. 

    Don't understand why this is still a limitation??
    CIFS was introduced with Win2000, we are 2018 now... :s:s:s

  • Ijnrsi
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    Yes, this is a part to always confuse user while try to login with other account.
    And no easy way to know what happened or check current connection with CIFS/FTP, and for normal users, they need to log off or reboot their PC, this is really unfriendly.

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