Does MultyX support multi-hop?

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I got a bit confused about this as I saw a mention in a review that the Multy X uses the Star topology and not support Multi-hop yet meaning that you always get:

Node 1 - Node 2
Node 1 - Node 3

Instead of multi - hop where you can get:

Node 1 - Node 2 - Node 3

in other words, if I add a third Multy X and place it far away from the router (node 1 here)  then it can connect to Node 2 with better speed instead of trying to reach Node 1.

Which of these are correct now and if multi-hop is not supported now, is that something that is being worked on? I guess multi-hop would mean some degraded performance?


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    We will release new APP and FW to support Daisy Chain around the end of this month.

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