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Hi there,

I have two Zyxel Multy X installed in my network. I have no problem connecting smart phones and other devices. But one problem I have is a IP camera I want to use. It is a INSTA 5905-HD. In the configuration of it I find the wifi from the multy, I can add the credentials and it says everything is fine. In the Multy App, I get a new device, but this is only named "Unknown". The information for the device say the correct MAC Adress of the camera, but there is no IP given for it. Thus, I can not use the camera, because I don't get any connection to see a picture. I also tried to search with a IP range search tool for it, with no luck.

Does anyone have an idea, why there is no IP given?



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    In Device page of Multy X app, you can see INSTA 5905-HD (online or offline?), but it cannot get any IP from Multy X?

    - Do you try to reset your camera?
    - If camera use Ethernet cable to connect Multy X, still not get any IP?
    - Do you try to manually assign an IP for camera?
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    Josch Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Hi endless,

    sorry, I was a bit busy these days. Thanks for your answer.

    In the device page, I see a device with a blank name and if I disconnect the cam, this device is gone, so I assume it is the camera. It is marked as online, but if I click on the device, there is only a mac address, no IP adress.

    I didn't try a hard reset yet, I will do that. If I use an Ethernet cable, everything works fine and I get an IP. Also, using another non zyxel Wifi, everything works fine, too. Assigning an IP manually is not possible in the web interface of the camera, only to connect it to a wifi.

    In fact, the camera was working quiet a while when I had another network (which was not stable enought though)

    If I get any results with resetting the camera, I will answer it here.

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    If the camera is connected to Multy X Private WiFi, but it sill cannot get an IP.
    Is possible to assign an IP manually via the INSTAR Camera Tool? (Refer to Page 8 of User Manual of INSTA 5905-HD.)

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