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I have just set up a total of 3 Multy X devices. When I set them up, all were in optimal range. However, when I move between rooms, my phone (LG V30+) often does not roam to the next node, resulting in the WIFI "going away" and connections dropping. It takes a couple seconds for the phone to go back to the Wifi. Also happens with a Chromebook.

Tried splitting 2.4 and 5 GHz names and tried on all 3 possibilities (2.4, 5 and both networks same ssid) - but it keeps happening.

And secondly, it is quite annoying that this product is sold as "mesh" and you are already advertising a feature that does not yet exist: "No matter where you are in the home, Multy automatically finds and connects to the closest Multy node—delivering the fastest wireless connection and the strongest signal connection, for better reliability." (Source:

How am I supposed to test what Zyxel advertises within my return and refund period? I am honestly asking and expecting an answer why this feature - which isn't ready yet - has been advertised.


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  • Dash
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    Is possible to share Diagnose result of your Multy X app?
    How do you check your phone (LG V30+) often does not roam to the next node?
    Do you have other wireless client device? Has the same problem?

    The roaming feature of Multy X requires the client device itself to support 802.11kv as well. The operation mode is when Multy X finds that the signal is better than 1st node after the client device is close to 2nd node, Multy X tells the client device to connect to 2nd node through 802.11kv. But roaming or not, it is depend on client device decision/design.

    I have iOS devices and works properly.

    I'm not sure that LG V30+ is supported 802.11kv or not. I cannot search related information.
    Chromebook may need to check the driver of wireless adapter is supported 802.11kv or not.
  • metabubble
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    I walk with my phone through the house and check Wifi analyzer. At some points, wifi disconnects. This also happens during VoIP calls. Phone works fine with Orbi that has 2 different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz.

    Not having to "hack" 2 different SSIDs were my reason for the Multy, but it is not working and not having advertised features is a dealbreaker. I am returning my devices today.
  • U_U
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    Due to my friend have Orbi and it seems have unstable problem,
    so I bought Multy X and it works as my expectation,
    roaming feature also good with my iPhone,
    maybe you can check with LG support team as Dash's suggestion.
    But I'm curious, why you need Multy X if Orbi works at your home?
  • metabubble
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    Orbi only works if I set different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz, which can only be done via Telnet. It is unsupported and might break with a future update.

    That's why I tried Multy, because you can set 2 different SSIDs through interface. However speeds are slower than with orbi and even with 2 different SSIDs I have Wifi drop-outs. So I am staying with the unsupported configuration that I use with my orbi.

    Also, nobody is addressing that Daisy-Chain was advertised but is not yet available. I have a long house and the Internet is on one end, not in the center. I have nothing left to do but to return that piece of garbage that Zyxel calls Multy. One of the units even had the LED broken - nice quality control.... not.

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