What will come in the new App?

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I just bought the Multi X and is was very baffled to see that I could not change the DNS settings on my system. Using DHCP from ISP it was important for me to be able to change to OpenDNS Family to protect my young ones. Please tell me this will change?

A second thought, if the WAN connection to internet is down there is no way to administer the system. Will this change?

Please also share some information about the features to be implemented in the new firmware.

That said, this system has great potensial due to the solid backhaul. (for me)

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    I have moved this post to Ideas Discussions.
    Thanks for your feature request in Multy X APP and we will evaluate it.
    - Wish it can modify DNS setting when WAN type is DHCP.
    - Wish it can support local use.

    We will release new APP and firmware at the end of this month.
    - Optimize and beautify APP
    - IPv6 enable default
    - Support Daisy chain
    - Notification
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    Thank you. Great news!!

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    > To change the DNS setting as OpenDNS.
    Maybe you can edit this setting into the router which connected before Multy X. And then change Multy X as bridge mode.
    Internet---Router---1st Multy X node)))<WLAN dedicated backhaul>(((2nd Multy X node
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    Thanks for the workaround, but the DHCP is given from an ISP. Because this product is advertised as an easy networking router this type of topology does not work very well. Please work on this as I am sure many others also wish to be able to maintain some kind of parental filter.
    Thanks for putting it on the wish list. 

  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Multy X firmware V2.10(ABKJ.0)C0 with Multy App 2.0.2 is supported Custom DNS.
    Please refer to below screenshot.

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