How can i unhide the Multy wlan?

Zuio Posts: 3  Freshman Member
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since  yesterday after a power outage the Multy is w-lan is only detectabel as hidden Network . What is the reason? How can i geht ist work again . The app is connecting as usual . The guest Network works normal . I can‘t find a Setting in the App to solve the Problem.


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  • Rory
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    Did you try to edit your Network Name and apply it again?
    How do you know the main network be hidden?
    I also can't find the hidden feature on APP...
  • Zyxel_Kelly
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    Hi @Zuio

    Welcome to Zyxel Home Forum!
    In order to provide you with a better assistance,
    we will contact you through private message to get more information,

    please check your message box.  :) 

  • Zyxel_Kelly
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    Hi Zuio,

    Thanks for your helping,
    let me update the conclusion in this post.  B
    The Private Network be disabled after checking log file,
    this problem be resolved via enable Private Network with iOS device,
    For the function to enable/disable Private Network,
    we will add it in latest Android-App around end of this month.   

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