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Hello, I just bought a NAS542 which is connected to a 100 Mbit router. During backup from the PC to the NAS the speed is limited by the router (around 10 MB/s), but now I wanted to move some data from one of the disks to another (both basic partitioned). When I did it from Windows the speed was slow and I thought that way it's done through the network again. I tried File Explorer, but there is no indication of the progress and I don't know whats happening besides the message that System is busy. Is there a right way to move/copy files between disks that happens internally so the speed is more like SATA, not 100 Mbit LAN? Also, is there a way to see progress in File Explorer?


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    Hi @Boyanski

    You are right as through Windows File Explorer, the files will be copied from NAS to Winodws, and then Windows to NAS, so the speed will become very low.
    The better way is through NAS File Explorer, but the information of status is very simple as it only show busy on web page during file copys or moves as below, and it will disappear after copy/move finished, so you could check the status to know does the process finish or not.

    Another way is used terminal to telnet/SSH to NAS, then use command "mv"  to move the files you want to modify, and before the process finish, you only can wait or stop it by Ctrl+C.
    The store folder will be here: /i-data/sysvol/, you can follow these steps to move files:
    /#cd /i-data
    partition1  partition2
    /#cd /i-data/sysvol/
    /i-data/partition1/#mv file ../partition2/target folder

    Then the files will be moved to target folder done.