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Hi.  I am wondering if someone can advise me on the following

At our church, we have a wifi router with one port connected to our sound desk.    This allows us to use an iPad to control the sound wirelessly from around the building.    Our new lighting system will similarly be able too be controlled, as well as our AV system.     The router is not connected to the Internet as we have no telephone line in the building.

I want to extend the coverage of this wifi network to other areas of the building so that I can connect a network printer and a couple of other devices.    The present router is no able to cover this area, and rather than put in an access points I was considering using the Multy X.   In due course we may well have a telephone line installed so I would then be able to connect the Multy X to the Internet.

Can anyone tell me if this plan is likely to work?

Many thanks


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    Multy X APP is based on remote control.
    So, Multy X and your mobile device must be able to access Internet for setup and control.

    If your mobile device is not able to access Internet or your mobile device is able to access Internet, but Multy X is connected behind Router (No Internet), you cannot finish installation procedure. (Internet access required.)

    Normal Case:
    Internet---<WAN Port>Router<LAN Port>---<WAN Port>Multy X node1)))<Wireless Backhaul>(((Multy X node2

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