Extremely slow network speed NAS326

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I just got a NAS326 - but Im very dissapointed with the network wpeeds from this unit.
My dsl router is Zyxel VMG8924-B10A, and i have connected the NAS326 to this router.
My preferred setup is wireless, but if i connect my pc wireless to the router, and test with a 200 mb file, i get write speeds around 1-3 MB/sec, and read speeds around 1-3 MB/sec. I thought that this unit was capable of speeds around 100 MB/sec.

If i copy this 200 mb file, i can see that the transfer "pauses".  The green progression bar moves quickly, and then i stops for seconds, and then move again, ant then stops. Is that the cache beeing filled up

If i cable my pc to the router, it gets a little better, but the best performance i get, is that if i only uses the zyxel router as a modem, and the connect a cisco router to the zyxel, and then connect the NAS326 and my pc via cable to the cisco. Then the NAS performance tester says that i have 3 MB7sec write, but 100 MB/sec read. This is what the performance tester says, but if i windows copy a large 1 gb file from the NAS to local pc, i can see that the green bar again moves with big pauses. I goes very fast for like 2 seconds, then a pause for 10 seconds, then vary fast for 2 seconds, and then pause and som on. Im not very satisfied with that NAS, it really seems like there is som serious performance issues. Firmware is updated.

How van i get this NAS to perform so i can use it ? I mean if it takes me 45 minutes to transfer a 1 gb file, i will throw it out. Useless.



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