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Mein Problem: Wenn ich auf das Webinterface zugreife bleibt die Anmeldeseite leer.
Und ich meine leer -> Ich sehe nur das Hintergrundbild aber keine Möglichkeit meine Anmeldedaten einzugeben.

When connecting to the Webinterface, the login page is blank (except the wallpaper).
There are no field to input my credentials.

Any Ideas?


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  • Mijzelf
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    That is Chrome? Try an 'Incognito window'.
  • fuxing
    fuxing Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Good Idea! i "repaired" it restartiing the NAS. For about 3 times!!!

    Now its working again... ???

  • Ijnrsi
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    Have you ever been to move the customize the icon such include the multple icon in a folder or move icon to page 2?
    Try to find if there is a folder name: guicfg/ in /i-data/.system via telnet, and it is the config to save your customize setting, then you can remove/delete it to restore back to default.
    Here is the steps:
    1. telnet your NAS
    2. cd /i-data/.system
    3. find the name: guicfg
    4. rm -rf guicfg
    5. refresh your web page.

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