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There aren't very many apps available for the NAS326, even in the 3rd party site (which doesn't appear to work for the NAS326 anyway).  I'd like to try and upgrade the ownCloud server package for my NAS as the currently offered version is seriously out-of-date and has many issues working with OS X.  Are there any documents available that describe how to build and package an application for the NAS326?  I have both Linux and BSD systems available for hosting builds and I'm somewhat familiar with the process on those hosts.  Thanks!


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    I wrote something about zypkgs here . 
    (which doesn't appear to work for the NAS326 anyway)

    Can you elaborate on that? AFAIK it should work on a '326. But I don't have one, so can't test it.

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    Do you mean you would like to have the GPL package to build firmware?
    Or the manual to teach user to upgrade APP package?

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