firmware upgrade procedure for VMG3925-B10B ?

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I cannot find any option in any menu to begin the firmware upgrade process.

Anyone on here know how to find it?

thnx :smile:


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  • fredfredfred3
    fredfredfred3 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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    the factory answer is wrong.

    there are three ways i have discovered that allow you to update the firmware:
    1. using a serial programming cable, but you need to dismantle the unit to access the connector. then you must use telnet or equivalent software to send DOS instructions
    2. using FTP with your user name and password. but this method is a little cumbersome. you use the .ROM file.
    3. with a new user id. create a new user. log in as the new user and the menus all magically appear. then you can follow the 'factory method' which is otherwise hidden. You use the .BIN file. wait a long time while it reboots. then you are ready to go. the TR69 access can also be disabled there.

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