Multy App Update - Android 2.0

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Congrats on the new version and the new features. We will test!!

What's new of this version
Enhancement in V2.00(ABKJ.1)C0 | 3/28/2018 [Enhancement ]
1. Support testing Internet speed to mobile device
2. Support speed diagnose –test speed between node to node and to internet
3. Support select/deselect of 15-minute intervals on schedule setting
4. Share WiFi name and password via QR code.
5. Support timer based device blocking
6. WiFi signal diagnose – use Multy to check the WiFi signal sent from your mobile phone
7. Support push notifications
I. New Device Connected
II. New firmware available
III. Speed test result
8. Support Daisy Chain
9. Show device info which connected to Multy WiFi on 2.4G or 5G and its signal strength  



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    iOS version and new Multy X firmware also available, looks very good

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