Multy X - channel overlapping & Poor App

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New to this forum and to having the Multy X
I see poor performance of the app, both via the app for Android and for iOS (iPhone) app version like sometime the speed test under diagnose works and sometime not.
Under Information I see the 2nd Multy X is leaving and joining it self multiple time. Both are located approximate 10 meter apart, 1 on ground floor and 1 on 1st floor.
Any idea why the speed test appears not to work and this leaving/joining issue?

Could the leaving/joining be linked to channel overlapping, because in the house I have SkyQ (1 main box and 2 sub boxes) when checking the channels in use I see the channels the SkyQ boxes uses over laps with the channels the Multy X? Can the channels the Multy X uses be changed?




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    I am wondering how you set up the 2 nodes in your house.
    Can you please describe it with more information like node 1 is on ground floor or 1st floor?
    What do you mean that "sometime the speed test under diagnose works and sometime not"?
    Does it mean that you got a poor performance or the speed test failed to show any number?
    It would be clear if you can post a screenshot of the speed test result to indicate the problem you meet.

    As I know the channel is selected automatically in Multy X and is not able to be changed manually but you problem might not be related to the channel overlapping. My suggestion is to disable SkyQ and test again to confirm your guess. If you still meet the same problem after you disable SkyQ, it means the problem is not relevant to the channel overlapping.
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    Please kindly check your message box. :)

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