Crashes of iOS zCloud

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Dear all, 

I am a little frustrated about the poor zCloud app for iOS systems. I know this app has never been overly famous for its perfect operability, but as it is right now I would never purchase a Zyxel system ever in my life again. 

Main issue is that, in the process of getting rid of Apples iCloud services I like to use the automatic photo upload function on my iPhone SE and my iPad pro. This option seems to work for selected albums (with few pictures), but it permanently crashes the zCloud app as soon as I want to auto-upload "All images" from one device. Permanently crashing means here, that I cannot restart the App anymore. If I reopen/restart the App the "login in progress" screen is showing up for half second (Cancel button not working anymore) and then it crashes again.

Is this issue known? Can this be fixed soon please?

The issues with the iOS app and the very old plugin packages of my NSA325v2 really push me to my frustration limits and I consider to buy a new home NAS, and this will not be from the company starting with Z but rather with S. Is there any improvement on the way?


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