How does the multy auto configure routing??

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So i just setup my multy and everything worked perfect. What im confused about is how thw routing between my isp modem router and the multy is working. I didnt setup any routes for 192.168.212.x yet everythinf works???



  • Hanamichi
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    If Multy X is Router Mode (NAT (Standard) Mode), it will assign IP (192.168.212.x) to client device.

    For example:
    .Internet---ISP Modem Router( X(Router Mode: Device(192.168.212.x)
    .Internet---ISP Modem Router( X(Bridge Mode: 192.168.1.x)---Client Device(192.168.1.x)

    You can go to Menu > Settings > Network Mode to change Multy X as Router Mode or Bridge Mode.

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