My nas does not work

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Good morning, i am writing to ask you for information because my nas 326 does not work.
I put a Toshiba 6 tb hard disk inside the nas. Then i connected it to the router with which i surf the internet and the current. I turned it on and went to "". I clicked on start and told me that i had five minutes to press the button in front of the nas, but if i press it, absolutely nothing happens. Nothing at all. I've been trying for two days and i can not make it work. Someone who can help me?

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    Are the NAS326 and HDD brand new and is the HDD compatible with NAS326?
    Here I check the compatibility list from Zyxel and don't see the Toshiba 6TB HDD.

    Reset the NAS326 to default and try again, when device boot finished, you will hear one beep, but if you don't hear, try following steps:
    1. power off 
    2. remove HDD and power on, if boot success, check firmware and upgrade to latest version
    3. power off and plugin the HDD and power on
    4. if no hear beep, that the problem might related to HDD, and you should chanage another one to use.

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