NAS326 - Problems setting up in network

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I'm facing problems to set up my new NAS326 in my network.

I'm using my Hitron-Router in Bridge Mode and connected a Apple Airport Extreme to it as a WLAN-Router. 
My PC is connected to the Airport Express via LAN. All other devices are connected wireless. 

The NAS is connected via LAN to the Airport Express. 

When setting up, the NAS can't be connected under Neither via PC or Smartphone.

I'm not a big network expert. So I don't really know which settings I need to change on my devices to set up the NAS. 

Could you please help me!? 




  • Ijnrsi
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    Hi @cyberaseason
    Have you tried reset IP and password via pressing HW reset button with 1 beep and release?
    And you can also check your client list on Airport Extreme, if the NAS got the IP address from Airport Extreme, then you can use the IP address to access your NAS. 

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