how to conect NAS 310 to NAS 326 and copy content to 326 directly (USB)

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Problem while accessing NAS310 with WIN 10 latest patch --> Bought new NAS326 and now like to copy existing data from NAS310. As I cannot use the netwrk caussed by SNMB imcopatibilty, I need to use other way to connect the 2 NAS. Thought using same brand would make it easier, but seems this is a wrong assumption?


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    It is no possilbe to directly connect both via USB or move HDDs from NSA310 to NAS326, if you want copy data from NSA310 to NAS326, then you might use backup planner on NSA310 and set the remote desternation as NAS326. 

    But I guess you met the problem Windows 10 doesn't allow to access NSA310 though SMB1, here you can refer the solution from other topic:

    After enable SMB1 support in Windwos 10, then you can move data from NSA310 to NAS326 via SMB/CIFS directly.

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