Unstable NSA325 with time machine

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I have issues with my Zyxel NSA325 v2 where i no longer can backup timemachine to the NAS. I do not understand why, i constantly get messages that the drive is not accessible. And it is no longer to be found in finder either. I can at the same time access it through the web connection interface to read data and system status.
I am at times able to log into it through finder and can view the files, but the time machine backup do not work.

It has been working fine for years. Latest firmware is updated and it is in a wired network with fixed ip adress.

Anyone with similar problems or with a tip how to get it up and running again?



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  • Mihawk
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    What is your MacOS version?
    Did you update your MacOS, and then you can't access your backup anymore?
  • A350XWB
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    My mac os version is 10.13.4 and yes  I have updated the OS lately. And i assume this is causing the problems? It is not possible to reach it from the finder anymore, but from the Zyxel starter utility i can reach it. And it is not backing up my time machine anymore.

    Zyxel firmware is V4.81 AALS.1

    Thank you for your help.

  • Ijnrsi
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    Yes, this is might the cause to make the problem occurring.
    I guess MAC keep wrong setting with NSA325 v2, maybe you can try remove your SMB data of NSA325 v2 on your mac and then re-active the time machine, and mount it as time machine again to see if the funcstion is still not working?

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