Multy X and Netatmo Precense Camera

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I wanted to ask if instability is known when you include a Netatmo Precense camera in the Multy X network in the form of 2-3 crashes per day. Because I have such a problem since I use this camera. Interestingly enough, however, when I plug the camera into the guest network, the crashes are almost zero.


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  • Teemo
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    Do you mean that Multy X APP happened 2-3 times crashes per day when Netatmo Presence Camera is connected to Multy X main WiFi? What kind of situation about crashes?
    May I know what is the model of your mobile device? And O.S. version?

    Is this Netatmo Camera?
  • Ralle
    Ralle Posts: 17  Freshman Member
    Yes and No. I mean that my complete Network goes down and I`ll restart my FritzBox and my two Multy X. The OS Version is the actually iOS 2.00 and yes, that`s the Camera.

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