NAS 326 nad NAS 520 port edit ?

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I need help.
I have two nas 326 and 520
I want to change.
https: / / mynasip: 5001 / MyWeb / www /
I want to scratch the address
https: // munasip: 5001
https: // mynasip: 5010
https: // mynasip: 8083
directly opens
i-data / sysvol / www

myipadres: 80 to go to mynasip: 5000 or 5001 or 5010
and opening my page direct ...

I tried to change
etc / service_chone and pkg_service_channel failures
but did not work after the restart returned to its original condition.
That's what I did with WinSCP

Thank you in advance, I hope you will help me.


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