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I am unable to administer my Multy X. It seems that all there is no paired devices in mycloud.
The App on my phone is not able to connect to my setup even thought I have been using the app previously for this task.

Why is my setup gone on the cloud and how do I get it back?

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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.

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  • Penny
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    Hi Joakim,
    Here are some question want to check with you.
    .Do you login your myZyxelCloud account on APP? Is APP logout your myZyxelCloud account? Please try to logout and login again your myZyxelCloud account on APP.
    .Do you try to use another mobile phone to check it?
    .Does Multy X WiFi still works?
    .Can you share some screenshots about this problem?
    .May I know your mobile phone is iOS or Android?
  • Joakim
    Joakim Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    - I log in on a computer. Se screenshot.
    - No. Same phone as always. iPhone app.
    - Multy still works. I have for some reason now able to connect in the app from work. But the settings are wrong. It says NAT mode but I had Bridge mode. When I try to enable Bridge mode nothing happens. The 3 multy devices says it has an IP from the router connected to WAN, but the clients seems to have an IP from Multy so I believe there now is 2 DHCP servers at the same time.

    So at the moment its operating in NAT mode but receiving IP itself from the other router..

    It still no sign of the setup on the cloud. Please help to change to either NAT or Bridge and offcourse the cloud.

  • Penny
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    Multy X is only supported APP, you cannot use "" to see it.
    May I know what is your network topology?
    If Multy X (NAT mode) is connected behind the router, your network has two DHCP servers.
    EX: Internet---Router(DHCP: 192.168.1.X)---Multy X(DHCP: 192.168.212.X)
    > When I try to enable Bridge mode nothing happens.
    Can you provide the screenshot?
  • Joakim
    Joakim Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Network topology is:
    Internet - Router (Ubiquity Edgerouter, --> Zyxel Multy X (WAN port,

    It seems that Multy is operating in both Bridge and NAT mode somehow. As you can see on the screenshot DMZ says but Multy says I have an iPad with address. When I try to change from NAT mode to Bridge nothing happens. I just reverts to NAT.

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