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I need a 4G LTE modem. It will need to support Bridge mode, as I will continue to use existing Router and accesspoint. 

I am looking 3 these 3 options:
- Pro: Pricepoint, Bridge mode mentioned in datasheet 
- Con: Only 100mbit Ethernet, 150mbit max LTE
- Pro. Pricepoint. 1gbit Ethernet, 300 mbit max LTE
- Con. Bridge mode not mentioned anywhere, except for in user guide.
- Pro. 1gbit Ethernet, 300 mbit max LTE, Bridge mode mentioned in datasheet 
- Con: Hefty pricepoint.

My main question is really if there is any difference in the Bridge support between the 3? I lean towards 4506-M606, but are concerned about the lack of Bridge support mentioned on the product pages


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    All of three devices are support bridge mode. But I think you need check your environment/location etc first and then select which one is better for you. 

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    Hi Yekku. Thanks for the response. What should I check in the environment?
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    Thanks Yekku. I hae pretty good signal also indoors, so that is not a concern. Thanks for the advice.

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