instable /blocked internet connection with Multy X

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1. we often experience loss of connection . to cure it i have to go offline with the Ipad, macbook or even android mobile, and reconnect. it also helps to change the network 2.4MHz to 5 MHz or reverse. 
2. we turn off our hotspots at night. the slave hotspot  with a timer. if i am surfing connected on the main hotspot i have also to reconnect or change frequency.

I have installed the latest firmware only a view days ago but still the same.



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  • Denos
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    I also have a similar problem. Does your problem the same as below picture?

    "It also helps to change the network 2.4 MHz to 5 MHz or reverse." -> How to help? 

    May I know what's your meaning about second point? How many Multy X units you have?
  • Zuio
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    We have two Multy x.
    About your picture, until now i haven‘t seen something similar.
    Some how i think it has to do with the Connection ID witch expires, an needs to be Updates or so.

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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.

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