Change default Web Publishing URI (NAS326)

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Hi. I have problems with my NAS326 to use the Web Publishing.

I try to find the form to change the default  http://xxxxxx:5000/MyWeb/Sharedfolder   to external access throug using a http://xxxxx/

I configure my NAT router ports to redirect from port 80 to port 5000. And this part work fine, but I need to redirect directly to /MyWeb/www/  without I need to write this path in main URL.

In resume:
I HAVE:    http://xxxxxx/MyWeb/www/
I WANT:   http://xxxxxx/



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  • Morton
    Morton Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hi Paloky.
    Did you ever manage to resolve issue. I have the same issue with Zyxel NAS542, where I want port 80 to 'point' to web publisher.

    Hope to hear from you even though thread is old:-)


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