SBG 3300: Firmware fails to update

Caffeine8 Posts: 4  Freshman Member
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I’m currently trying to upgrade the firmware on my UK model SBG 3300, to the latest firmware.SBG3300-N000_1.01(AADY.8)C0.

Neor some reason the .bin file will not upload.  After almost an hour it is still uploading which suggests that it may not be the correct one for this model even thought it was loaded from the Zyxel download site at

Can anyone suggest a reason why this won't work and point me to a UK specific firmware site where I can download another copy. 

Included with the firmware is a rom file V1.01(AADY.8)C0.rom  Is this for the wireless WAN and do I need to upload this as well? 



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