NAS326 - can it generate a shared link ?

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hi, the 326 was strongly recomend for me but i cant find information about ability to 
generate a share link to directories/files. I need external links to be sent to client who need to download or watch a jpg/movies without any additional mobile app or loggin into any site/app.

is it possible with 326 ?

can some of you send mi a example link to nas with some jpg files to see how is it running ?
Im especially interesting in possibility to download a whole directory at 1 click instead clicking  each file separately. ( WD mycloud home fail at this point - only signle file at a time can be downloaded)

Thank you.

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  • Wiasouda
    Wiasouda Posts: 156  Master Member
    Hi @semimatt
    With Zyxel Drive APP, it is the easy way to share files to someone with share feature, but you said you don't want to use mobile APP, so I think no easy way to do this.
    Current way for external, that you can use web publish and set the port forward or use zyxel cloud, then possible to access over WAN, but still no possible to dowload directory.
  • mdbarber
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    how about...
    although it won't be instant or even quick you could set a folder up to sync with dropbox and generate the direct access  links from there.
  • semimatt
    semimatt Posts: 2  Freshman Member
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    thank you for answer.
    You mean that I need to use a APP to generate sharelink and recipient doesnt have to receive it ? or both need the APP?  

    I need recipients to have acces to files without APP. 
  • Wiasouda
    Wiasouda Posts: 156  Master Member
    With APP, it will generate a sharelink and can send to peopole, but receiver has to also use the APP and this is not what you need, so maybe you can considerate @mdbarber's suggestion with dropbox sync to share link with files or folder to people.

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