Admin password reset after update NAS 542 to firmware 5.21

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Hy folks, maybe I am not the only one with the following problem:
I updated today to firmware 5.21 on automatic request on login as a user to the NAS 542. After updating the admin login has been reset. Procedure is known, so I logged in with default password and was asked to change that. After input of the new password it was impossible to activate the change and I was rejected after 60 sec elapsed.
Has somebody had this problem (since 5.21) has June 2017 as a release date?
Can somebody give me a hint how to acces the admin role?


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    Hi, do you use any special word as password? Non-ASCII code? For example: special German word: "Ü"
    here is ASCII information:
    if the password you still can't use to access NAS GUI, try reset your password by pressing HW reset button with 1 beep and release, then the password will change back to default "1234"

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  • Kris
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    I have the same problem. After Reset the admin password is default and I can't change it. Not even to a simple password (if I use illegal keys it won't accept, but the simple password is accepted, but the admin password keeps on being default).

    Any suggestions?

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