NAS utility not opening file browser

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Hello, i am running windows 10 on an asus laptop running an i7. Since a few months, the utility is no longer able to open the windows file browser. Manually tryin g to axcess the files from the computer without the zyxel utility only allows me to acces files in read only mode. Is this a renown problem? I can't mass manage files on the nas from the internet browser utility, the nas it's unusable like this...



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    HI, do you use any special account in you Windows 10 to access the NAS?
    You may check the previlige of shared folder and account, and also check if you already log with read only account in your NAS in Windows 10.
    Use Windows terminal and type command "net use" to check the status of network drive, and use command " net use \\NAS_IP\Folder /delete" and try again.
    Here is the description for net use command:

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