I cant see all my files and folders in my Zyxel drive app when im out of my network

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Hi, im admin in my NAS520, when i'm connected to my wifi network the Zyxel drive app works very well, but when i'm out (connected to my phone) i cant see all my folders and files, there are folders that appear as empty when they are not. 

i don't know what is wrong


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  • Wiasouda
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    I had the same problem last Friday and got failure to access NAS, but now it seems the APP is functional, so I think you may possible to see all your data over Internet.
  • 10TonTurtle
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    Maybe check permissions for cloud access on various folders?

    I know there's an account specifically set aside for cloud accounts (at least there is on my NAS540). The base permissions should be set to "Read" so you can at least see the folders and files within.

    Log-in to the admin interface from your main PC and then go to:
    Control Panel>Privileges and Sharing>Users>Cloud User>Edit User>Shared Folder Access
  • Chanakan5591
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    Try to check the WAN blocking on your router and use upnp to forward the port