I cant see all my files and folders in my Zyxel drive app when im out of my network

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Hi, im admin in my NAS520, when i'm connected to my wifi network the Zyxel drive app works very well, but when i'm out (connected to my phone) i cant see all my folders and files, there are folders that appear as empty when they are not. 

i don't know what is wrong


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  • Wiasouda
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    I had the same problem last Friday and got failure to access NAS, but now it seems the APP is functional, so I think you may possible to see all your data over Internet.
  • 10TonTurtle
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    Maybe check permissions for cloud access on various folders?

    I know there's an account specifically set aside for cloud accounts (at least there is on my NAS540). The base permissions should be set to "Read" so you can at least see the folders and files within.

    Log-in to the admin interface from your main PC and then go to:
    Control Panel>Privileges and Sharing>Users>Cloud User>Edit User>Shared Folder Access
  • Chanakan5591
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    Try to check the WAN blocking on your router and use upnp to forward the port
  • maslo1985
    Hi. I just bought NAS326.
    I can see files and folders in Zyxel DRIVE app (version: 1.1.13) on Android while on same wifi network as NAS and it works ok.

    When i'm switching to internet connection on my mobile i can see my NAS and it's folders in Zyxel DRIVE android app pretty fast. But when i click on a specific folder (i.e. photo) it loads for couple of minutes to show error: Connection Error 114

    When i click OK i see the list of photos, but when i clicl on specific photo, it also takes couple of minutes to finally show another error: NAS is unreachable 102

    Here, I assume it shows the list of files which app cashed while i was connected on wifi...

    NAS is visible, paired and reachable from https://mycloud.zyxel.com/.
    UPnP enabled on home router and ports 443 and 9002 forwarded (configured form NAS admin page).
    Permissions for cloud user and respective folder areset properly.
    Internet connection on both mobile and home is fast enough to handle such traffic so i think it's not the case.

    Any ideas how to fix it or where to look for a proper config item?

  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @maslo1985

    The reason that your mobile connected with LTE is not able to sync with your NAS might caused by the different NAT types supported on the router.

    The routers support different NAT types. We’re not able to know if all of your ISP routers support all the NAT type.

    It is difficult to figure out, as those router are on ISP site.

  • wildbeeste

    I found the same problem. I also gor erro code 205. I think I found a solution. I used the third party app Owlfiles from the Playstore. It found the NASS326 straightaway and all my files. It also allowed me to upload and download pictures and MP4 files albeit very slowly

  • suisei
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    thanks for your sharing

  • lynnwillis

    Check your router's firewall settings to make sure they are not blocking access to specific ports required for remote access to your NAS. Ensure that the necessary ports (commonly HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/SFTP) are open and properly configured to allow remote connections.

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