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I have had a Nas540 from two days
When I connect to the admin interface with the navigator
then the file Browser,/playzone,/index.html?dest=fileBrowser

I get this message :

status:500 message:
The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

Powered by CherryPy 3.2.4

Bug ?



  • Mijzelf
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    An internal server error in most cases means that the cgi binary/script which has to generate the webpage crashes while generating.
    So somehow the backend (a python script) crashes. As the software on your box is the same as the software on mine (revision 50984) somehow the environment has to be the difference.

    When I look at the filebrowser, I see all my shares listed. Do you have some strange characters in one of your shares? Have you cleared the cookies in your browser?
  • sitro
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    Thanks for the answer.
    In the file browser I see all the authorised shares (so the admin dir is included in this list) and I don't see the unauthorised share. There is no strange characters. I clear the cookies in the browser as you suggest -> there is no change.

    I have seen this strange behavior (remember : no access to the admin directory in the file browser) after an install of the Metarepository, ffp and some stuff like random utils and squeezeboxserver (could it be the cause ?) 
  • sitro
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    the problem was a symbolic link that I created between  a directory in the .PKG dir (source)  and the admin dir (destination directory).
    I remove the link and the file browser can scan the admin dir again.

  • petro
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    This was a Good Info  for  the same problem on my NAS326.
    I found with the ssh interface and "ls -l"  an entry      "name -> name". This was the reson for the crash

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