Multy with Sky Q mesh

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Has anyone in the UK used Multy alongside the Sky Q mesh?  I have sky fibre with a sky Q box and 2 minis, and have just installed Multy. I'm trying to keep the Sky network for the sky Boxes and everything else on the new Multy network but still not convinced it's the best set-up or whether I should revert to bridge mode. The objective is to improve WiFi as we have 7 people in the house and often 20 devices plus connected.  WiFi is definitely much improved with low numbers connected but still deteriorates with more users, and we've had some connectivity issues.  Would love to hear if anyone else is running alongside Sky Q and how you've set it up.



  • Hanamichi
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    Hi Simoni,

    May I know do you encounter what kind of problem?
    What is your network topology? And is possible to share details about connectivity issues?

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