What if NAS542 breaks?

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In case the actual NAS breaks, but my HDD's are all fine. How am I able to extract the data from HDD's? Is the only way to buy new identical NAS?


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    The NAS uses conventional Linux software raid and filesystem. When you connect the disks to -for instance- an Ubuntu system, the volumes will automatically be assembled and mounted.
    Complicating factor is that many (most?) USB-Sata convertors do a virtual sector resize, rendering the partition tables incompatible. So you'll have to use real (e)sata ports.
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    Hi @Mijzelf ,

    you stated that the volumes will automatically be assembled and mounted when the harddisk is connected/mounted to a non-NAS Linux system.

    When installing a brandnew NAS542, can i expect the same behaviour after inserting my old HDDs into it?

    Please note that the harddisks have already been used (working fine) on a previous/foreign NAS542 machine.

    For more information about the planned HDD-migration, please see also my today's question: https://homeforum.zyxel.com/discussion/1215/nas542-moving-existing-hdds-with-data-4x-basic-no-raid-to-a-brandnew-nas542-hardware#latest

    Thank you very much,


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