NAS326, problem with access, UPnP get back OFF after some time

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Hi everyone,

From time to time I lose an access to my NAS from the Internet. It still works fine from LAN. When I'm checkin the status in I can see all services have UPnP disabled. It looks like this

Then I anable some services e.g. like below,

save it and it works a few weeks, month maybe and then agin become unreachable.
NAS is connected through the UPC Horizon router. It has fixed IP in LAN.
Does anybody meet such a problem before ? Any ideas?


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  • Wiasouda
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    What is the status of setting page for NAS UPnP feature when you found the UPnP port disable on web portal?
    Is it possible caused by router's UPnP function to auto disable port?

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