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Hi, I am trying to create a backup from my primary NAS (Netgear ReadyNAS 102) to the Zyxel NAS326, but it seems it is imposibile to do so using rsync. Backup is possible if I choose a simple "Windows/Timestamp" kind of backup, but when I choose rsync it cannot connect to the NAS326 (connection refused, using admin user). Same for "rsync over remote SSH" due to the fact that it requires the destination to import the public key issued by the Netgear, but I do not know where to import it on the NAS326. 
I enabled SSH on the NAS326 as I easily can connect via Terminal.


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    Until recently I thought de ZyXEL boxes don't support rsync. But someone pointed me to the manual, although so far I have no proof it actually works.

    You can follow my advice in that thread to use a 3rd party version of rsync, if you like.

    About ssh, the public key has to be put in ~/.ssh/, as always. Unfortunately the home directory of admin is on a ramdrive, so it won't survive a reboot. To bypass that problem I wrote a tool in Tweaks to change the homedirectory of admin (and/or root) to a non-volatile place.

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