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I've recently purchased this switch because I read it could be configured for CLI management!! It's a great switch but, I can't seem to get the same level of commands as other people I've seen. I called Zyxtel just now and they told me that the GS1900-16 does not have the ability to access these sets of commands! So I can see the configuration that I set in the web UI working when I do a couple of show commands, but that's pretty much it?? I cannot enter configuration mode because of it and it's a real let down! Here are the set of commands this switch currently lets me do..
GS1900#  clear       Clear configuration  debug       Debug Options  disable     Turn off privileged mode command  end         End current mode and change to enable mode  exit        Exit current mode and down to previous mode  no          Negate command  ping        Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts  show        Show running system information  traceroute  Trace route to network hosts

Here is somebody using the configure command via a Telnet session..

We have the same revision and everything, I just bought this switch and It's really disappointing the lack customer support I got when I called, if I would've known this would've been an issue I would've bough a higher end switch that did telnet out of the box.. I'm really unsatisfied with my purchase because I was looking forward to configure this switch within a kernal.

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