NAS540 Firmware Update V5.21(AATB.1) available

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    Will it break third party plugins and/or custom configurations like the last update did?
    I don't want to have to repeat all that configuration stuff again (busybox in combination with your changes to the default linux structures are a real pain in the ass) and i definitely can't risk to loose access to my data (or data within third party plugins, that's what happened last time) I'm also especially concerned about  the data in my owncloud instance, as well as the mysql databases hosted on my nas and my custom nfs config. 

  • Batou
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    If you doesn't use that feature and current now everything of third party package is fine to you use.
    I suggest you to keep the current firmware, it will be better to prevent you met any un-expect problem.
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    Metarepository and Tweaks still configured and working after update. 
    And for once (first time!) the update didn't f**k up MySQL 'bind-address' either! 
    Many thanks for that! 

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