NAS326 setup copy from USB failed

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So my copying of a 3TB external USB3.0 drive failed after two days at about 2/3 of the way through.

The UI became none responsive, the NAS no longer showed up in the finder and refused to allow connections  using the direct IP  and I could see no disk activty for several hours so had to reboot the NAS

I am now left not really knowing what copied and what didn't and was also surprised that the OS gives me know way of determining folder size so I ended using windows explorer remotely to figure out that about 1.6TB of 2.6TB had copied.

So now what do I do ?

Do I really have to delete all the files and start again and hope this time that after another 3 days it will succeed? 

Is there some better way to copy in the existing files?

Beginning to have doubts whether the Zyxel NAS is really up to it. 


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  • JockeSve
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    I solved similar issue like this:

    Connected USB drive to NAS (in my case a 540)
    I mounted the USB as a NAS share on a spare computer. 
    Started a RoboCopy job to mirror from USB to NAS on the computer that I just left running.
    My feeling is that it took quite a bit shorter time than using NAS built-in file manager... 
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    How do you copy your file from external HDD to NAS?
    Plug into USB port and use file browser to drag and drop to copy files? Or you use mv command through telnet?
    Maybe you use copy/sync button function with "Sync" to copy data, it might be fast than do again full copy.
    You can refer the user manual on page 289. ed2.pdf

  • blackmambahk
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    I plugged the USB drive into the NAS box and then used the BackupPlanner 'copy button'.

    The problem with that was first time I clicked the create a new folder option, so it placed the whole volume in a sub/sub folder named '2018--6-30_09-41-33'/Extvolume1 the timestamp of when it started the job.

    I now can't choose 'sync' because that will either create a new timestamped folder or if I click the option off it will look for th files in the root of the target share when they are now two level down from there.

  • blackmambahk
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    After a lot of searching I found how to:
    enable ssh and connect
    installed pkgs and RandomTools
    use rsync
    which at least says it is transferring at 35-50MB/s  which means I could do the whole thing again in less than a day (buts thats still way slower than I would have expected over USB3 and the cpu is still pegged at 100% most of the time according to the zyxel UI)  but the cost of wasting almost a week figuring out what I would call the basics of setting up a NAS has already out weighed the saving of going for a 'cheap' NAS box. lesson learned. The box when finally set up will probably be capable of doing what I want just fine but at the moment the impression is it seems to me to be very underpowered with poor software, it might be half the price of Synology but it is really half the machine, sorry :(

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