NAS542, adding smaller sized disks to disk group

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Hi, I seem to have an issue with disk group management.

I have NAS542 with latest firmware. I'm in the process of setting up a RAID-5 array and seem to have hit a snag. My idea is to have 2x3TB and 2x2TB disks in RAID5 (smaller ones are from a box I want to retire). I know I won't be able to use more than 2GB per disk, which his fine.

After initially creating a <2TB volume on a single (basic) 3TB disk, I am unable to expand that disk group with a 2TB disk. 'Manage' tab is greyed out and I can't add that disk to a group. I could expand the group with a second 3TB disk, and convert it to RAID-1, but again I cannot add the 2TB disks to that group.

The only limitation mentioned in the documentation is that usable space on each disk can be as big as the smallest disk. Is there anything I can do now to add 2TB disks to the 2x3TB group?


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  • jpop
    jpop Posts: 6  Freshman Member
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    Originally I created a basic (less than 2TB sized) volume on one 3TB disk. After that I inserted 2TB disk, but manage option was grayed out (disabled), I couldn't add that 2TB disk to group.

    I have since moved on (to two separate volumes for different sized disks), chalking it up as a mistake to start with bigger drive. For anyone else considering a similar setup, take care to initiate the build with a smallest drive in the planned group.

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  • Wiasouda
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    That is weird, you create RAID 1 with 1x2TB and 1x3TB, it should be able to expand the capacity with minimum size storage.
    But if your disk group is already use 2x3TB, then it is no possible to do what you want.

  • Wiasouda
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    WOW, this is really the thing need to take care.
    I just know that expansion should use bigger size than original HDD in NAS for RAID, but not know basic is also.
    Thanks for your information.
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