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Hi there
I notice that an external drive (connected to one of the USB 3.0 ports on the back) can be given a desired name (such as "extern") in the NAS326 HDD config. However when using this drive for the Twonkly media server, the given name is not preserved. Instead, Twonky (or the NAS...?) creates and uses an artificial and cryptic identifier ("2f115af1fcc626f5ad5344e00c8f732f" in my case) by which the drive will be made visible to the DLNA clients on the network.
I have opened a case at ZYXEL and TWONKY support staff who have confirmed this behavior and the fact that there is no official way to rename the share to something readible. I find this quite ridiculous.
Now my question is if there is a way by use of SSH or telnet to force a rename? Such approaches are not covered by the official support.
Thanks for any advice.


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    When you set a label on that filesystem, it's (AFAIK) used for to name it's mountpoint, and else the UUID is used (as in your case).
    Unfortunately the tools to set a label are not present on the NAS, so you'll have to use another system to set it.
    For linux the tools are fatlabel, ntfslabel or e2label. I guess you can install them using Entware-ng
    if you don't have access to another box which can do the job.

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