What functions can I manage using Multy App?

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Easy to setup

  • Support myZyxelCloud SSO (Single-Sign-On) system 
  • Quick Bluetooth setup
  • Support wireless site survey to identify optimal installation locations for slave node
  • Support combining/separating 2.4G and 5G WiFi network from each other in WiFi system

Support Internet access control (Parental control)

  • Organize multiple devices into group
  • Block or allow specific group based on time schedule
  • Flexible override Internet access for specific device group

Support guest WiFi setting

  • Share WiFi name and password via QR code for your guests
  • Monitor of active concurrent guest devices connected

Diagnose network via speed test

  • Internet throughput
  • Master AP to Internet
  • Slave AP to Internet
  • Slave AP to Master AP
  • Mobile to Internet 

Push notification

  • New device connected
  • New firmware available
  • Speed test result

Remote management (SSH)

Automatic updates for new features

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