Change local IP on Multy X?

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Hi! I just got myself a Multy X solution at my house, and have just configured it. I realize now that the local IP range is set to 192.168.212.x - is it somehow possible to change this myself to 192.168.0.x for example? I have a webserver, two printers, three NAS drives, a couple of IP cameras etc. all set up to 192.168.0.x - and I was hoping I could fix this by changing the IP range on the Multy X instead of changing on all my devices...


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    Currently, Multy X doesn't support custom DHCP scopes.
    If you have a router (192.168.0.x) which connected before Multy X, you can set Multy X as bridge mode. If not, you may change your devices has new IP range (192.168.212.x).

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