NAS326 power shedule monthly frequency set issue

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I want to set a power shedule to my NAS326 to power-on only on "Fourth Thuesday" every month, but regardless of which day to turn-on I select (First, Second, Third or Fourth Thuesday) after save it the GUI always show it as "First Thuesday".

Currently the NAS running firmware version V5.21(AAZF.2), but I have this problem from previous version.  



  • Dimitar
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    After a short investigation I found that this issue is caused by a bug in addPwrSchCli function from /usr/local/apache/htdocs/desctop,/script/CtrlPower.js.

    On the line 1156 code probably have to be:

    params.Interval = Ext.getCmp('pwrNumCombo').getValue();

    instead of:

    params.Interval = 0;

    If some one from Zyxel monitoring this forum, please put this issue for verification from your QA department in order it to be added officially to your bug list in order to be fixed in the future.

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    Good catch!

    If you want, it is possible to fix this yourself for your machine. Just create a patched file somewhere on the datapartition, and mount it on the faulty file:
    mount /path/to/corrected_CtrlPower.js  /usr/local/apache/htdocs/desctop,/script/CtrlPower.js
    The mount will not survive a reboot.

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