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How do you set up 2nd multy after initial instalation.



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    Please refer to Multy X FAQHow to add the 2nd node?
    If you encountered the problem during 2nd node installation, please share more information.
    (The model name of mobile phone (and O.S. version), Screenshots, Steps, Record Video ...)

    When you failed to add 2nd node, please try:
    1. Disable and enable Bluetooth, and then put mobile phone near with 2nd node. If your mobile phone is Android, please refer to FAQ: "How to clear Bluetooth cache in my Android phone?".
    2. Please wait for LED of Multy X turn to Blue Blinking, then start to add 2nd node.
    3. Please do not use Multy X WiFi during add 2nd node, we recommend mobile phone to connect LTE (4G) or other WiFi signal to add 2nd node.
    4. If It still doesn't work, please try to use another mobile phone to add 2nd node.

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