Zyxel Multy X AC3000 - cannot connect to second node

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I recently bought a two node set and installed them, no problems and all seemed fine. According to the app they are positioned perfectly. I moved them closer together and the app said they were too close.

The problem is that the second node needs rebooting virtually every day otherwise no one can connect to it. There are usually about a dozen devices connected at any one time. They can connect to the first node if near it.

Any suggestions? - having spent quite a bit of money I'm disappointed that I'm having to do this although when it works it's great.



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    Please help to clarify the problem.
    1. What is the distance between two nodes?
    2. How do you check and know that no one can connect to 2nd node?
    3. What is the LED status of 2nd node during problem happening?
    4. Please open Multy APP and login your myZyxelCloud account, then "Send Feedback" to us through Multy APP, it will attach the log file on the mail, we will try to analyze the log.
    (Please send twice and indicate it on mail content, one is normal status; another one is during problem happening.)
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    Thanks. Some answers but I will send logs as requested.
    1. Distance is about 25m (I'll measure accurately when I'm there)
    2. I know through complaints from customers, no one in the bar can connect to wi-fi, when they enter the main room they can. They can after a reboot for a few hours.
    3. Don't know, will check

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