WAH7608 External TS9 Antennas

kirbey Posts: 1  Freshman Member

I buy a LTE router Zyxel WAH7608 today.
On the box, TS9 antennas support declared as it:

However, no sign about this property. It have two openable notch cover on the upper side. When I open these, small ports like anrenna socket are available. But these are can not opened fully. I cant find a way to connect TS9 antennas. 

 How can I connect it or it is just a text on the box? Thanks.



  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi kirbey,

    Thanks for you to choose our WAN7608.

    The picture you provided is correct side to connect TS9 antennas. You can refer to my connection as followings.

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