NAS326 - Backup method "synchronize" and automatic backup clean-up?

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Hi there,

so i have a USB disk connected to a NAS326 and am using the "publizieren" -> "synchronize" backup method to backup to USB.

I am just wondering: will the mechanism automatically clean up older files during the backup or will the external drive eventually run full?

If so, what backup method will provide a fully automated clean up? The archive method is not useable since it takes forever and my data storage varies too much to even use it properly.


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    Throuhg its description, publish will copy source files to the destination and keep any additional files, so it will old files till it is full, but the same file is updated in source folder, then it will overwite the destination one.
    For clear up part, the backup methmod of synchronization -> Mirror and Rsync is what you required, they will delete all files in target side before running backup, but it will take time to finish all copies.

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