What to do when the Web GUI of Multy Plus (WSQ60) is not accessible?

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In general, you can log in the Web GUI of Multy Plus (WSQ60) by typing the site address, zyxelwifi.com or zyxelwifi.net, in a browser to manage Multy Plus (WSQ60). If the Web GUI of Multy Plus (WSQ60) is not accessible, please troubleshoot the problem with the following steps.

Step 1: Check the LED behavior.
The Web GUI should be accessible under the following 2 conditions:
  • The device is not paired and the LED is Blue Blinking.
  • The device has booted up after it has been paired and the LED is White Solid.

Step 2: Connect a client to Multy Plus (WSQ60) to check Network Connection status.
Connect a client to Multy Plus (WSQ60) via an Ethernet cable or WiFi. (Please confirm that the client is configured to obtain an IP address automatically instead of using a static IP before connecting). Check if the client can be assigned with a correct IP address and a correct DNS server after the connection is established. If the clinet can't get a correct IP adress, please try to use another client and try it again.

Step 3: Access the Web GUI of Multy Plus (WSQ60) via a web browser with IP address.
  • The default IP address before installation is
  • In standard mode, the default IP address is
  • In bridge mode, the IP address of Multy Plus (WSQ60) is assigned from the modem/router. Please find it in the client list of the modem/router.

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